Find Your Questions

I’ve lost some of the Juggle U balls. How can I get more?

We would be more than happy to send a replacement.  Visit our main website www.goliathgames.us and go to our customer service page.  Please complete the form provided, and a Goliath customer service representative will contact you as soon as possible.

The ball isn’t coming out of the “exit”. Why is that?

The ball may be stuck in the tube. Try removing the ball by turning the Juggle U upside down and shaking it gently.

We’ve been playing the Juggle U a lot and it seems to be running slowly. Why is that?

Sounds like the batteries are weak.  Please try replacing the batteries and see if that helps.

Does the Juggle U need batteries?

Yes.  The game needs three AA batteries.

Are batteries included?

No, they are not.

The Juggle U won’t turn on after I move the power switch. What should I do?

Sounds like the metal tab in the battery compartment is not touching the battery.  Lift the tab slightly to allow contact with the battery.